Surpless, Dunn & Co. has built a strong relationships in a wide range of distribution channels over the years.  Partnering with us gives you reach and scope far beyond a typical manufacturer representative.  We invite you to learn more about us and explore our ability to deliver for you.

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wholesale distribution


Our trained and certified field sales team is amazing.  We know small, medium and large industrial supply houses in the Midwest.  With our full suite of services, we have the ability to build programs, conduct market research and target sell to the correct accounts for your products.

Industrial MRO

Our dynamic and professional team manages multiple touch points in the sales process.  We have deep relationships from the National Headquarters to field support.  The HQ team will build the brand by adding products, looking for gaps in programs to support product growth.  The field team will execute with both the branch locations, field sales and end-user's to ensure education, new product launch and conversions.


The Vehicle Service (VS) aftermarket is a dynamic and competitive landscape.  Having a great product is not enough to be competitive.  Our industry leaders will help you identify key target markets for your brand and build successful marketing and programs to drive the brand. We develop programs with companies like Snap-on Tools to go after the auto repair industries.


Construction & HV/Ac

We've worked with STAFDA members within our territory for decades.  The combination of industry leading brands and our educated and dedicated sales team position us for success.  Our team is driven to bring awareness, education and a solution selling approach.  We spend equal time between distribution and end-users to uncover opportunities and turn them into revenue. 



We specialize in the development of eCommerce strategy and flawless EXECUTION. We are more than just a sales partner; we are your Brand Ambassadors. Our team is aligned to strategically and tactfully apply our expertise in eCommerce to not only grow your sales, but also strengthen your brand.  We understand it takes more than a great product and organic traffic to move the needle; it takes focused effort, the right content, targeted marketing, and most importantly great analytics and actionable data.

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Farm and Agriculture

Our strong Midwest values and deep relationships in this often overlooked market, has been beneficial to our partners for generations.  We are equally strong in the large wholesalers, regional supply houses, OEMs and dynamic retail accounts.  We can help you build programs, marketing strategies, launch new products and uncover new market opportunities to build your brand.